Stuff I Write
Dedicated to education and being funny, and not just being funny looking!
The Thigments live in Brooklyn, NY, and roam around the city performing for people wherever they go. They also make Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, Tweets, and produce videos for Facebook and YouTube. I write for them along with comedy queen Elsa Bermudez! Keep up with The Thigments on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, or on their Website!
converting existential terror into dumb jokes since 2016
I write a blog called "Your Daily Dystopia" that takes 3 news stories, give or take a story or two and the occasional essay, then converts them into jokes with a dumb punchline, published daily! YOUR DAILY DYSTOPIA is available on Medium, WordPress, and Tumblr!
writing live comedy and other theater around New York City
I study sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade, The Magnet, and workshop with The New Circle Theater Company. If you need something short and weird, find an Ewok, but if you need a script, I'm happy to help.