Look at the shiny dome!

Fred Chong Rutherford has worked in digital media for many years with companies like Zedge, Amazon, Nintendo of America, The Tetris Company, The Topps Company, NBC Universal, Viacom, Dow Jones, Time, Inc., and CBS interactive,.

Short films he’s written, produced and or directed have appeared at film festivals around the world, including The Kino Short Film Festival, San Diego Comic Con, Seattle Asian American Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Satellites Independent Film Festival, StockStock and more.

Fred Chong Rutherford was born in California, but grew up in rural Washington state. He’s a graduate of Ilwaco High School, Western Washington University, and the Metropolitan College of New York. He’s studied different ‘arty-farty funny things’ at the American Film Institute, Fairhaven College, The Seattle Film Institute, University of Washington, the Upright Citizens Brigade and at the Magnet Theater. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

He writes, works with puppets, makes videos and strives to produce art that helps people laugh and think, but dislikes writing about himself in the third person.


Alternative Bio wrote an article about how to create a bio that makes you sound super professional. It’s like a madlib for sounding amazing. Let’s try it and see if it changes anything. Here’s the format …

Alternative Bio Format

[Name] is a [Title] who works with [who you help] to [how you help them].

[First name] [knows/believes] [what you know/believe about the work you do].

[First name] has [landed/secured/garnered/worked at/supported] [insert your most compelling experiences and wins].

[First name] is a [trained/certified/awarded] [insert relevant trainings, awards, honors, etc].

[First name] holds a [insert degree] in [insert area of study] from [insert university].

Let’s try it!

Fred Chong Rutherford Alternative Bio by Forbes

[Fred Chong Rutherford] is a [Humble Ninja Guru Jedi] who works with [elderly children] to [help them cross the street without getting hit by elks].

[Fred] [knows] [some stuff about Advanced Dungeons & Dragons that he only really vaguely remembers, mostly the names of dice. There’s a lot of dice].

[Fred] has [landed] [a 747 on the moon].

[Fred] is a [certified] [Humble Ninja Guru Jedi by the Humble Ninja Guru Jedi Certificate Program of the University of California Los Angeles].

[Fred] holds a [76 degrees] in [I studied at the library] from [The Harvard Extension at MIT at UCLA at Chapel Hill, in Nottingham, England].

I dunno. I think having all of that stuff inside of brackets looks weird.